Technical Training

NISSAN Motors Europe
Q4 2010 Innovam will develop and deliver the European NISSAN LEAF technical Train The Trainer (TTT) program. All materials (instructor based and e-learning) will be provided in English language, including a Trainer Manual and a set of student materials and practical worksheets for local adaptation. The LEAF is one of the first full EV vehicles launched in the world and requires an innovative new training program to ensure a proper launch within NISSAN’s European after-sales organization. Special attention will be paid to maintaining and diagnosing high voltage systems and the new propulsion technology used in this new NISSAN product. The target group is the NISSAN after-sales organization (mechanics) in Europe. The TTT program will be delivered in October 2010 to all technical NISSAN master trainers in Europe.

Develop a European set of courseware materials (trainer manuals, student materials and practical worksheets, as well as a pre-training e-learning program) for the technical launch of the new NISSAN LEAF and present those materials using a Train The Trainer event.

We provide a dedicated team of international trainers and developers specializing in designing training programs and related course materials for technical product launches. This team uses basic source information provided by Nissan to develop the related materials. A TTT event organized in the NISSAN-Renault Training center in Paris will be used to demonstrate the pre-designed program format and content to the European Master Trainers.

The members of the European NISSAN technical trainer group will be prepared so that they can deliver their training programs on the new LEAF to their local NISSAN mechanics, ensuring appropriate maintenance and servicing for this new and innovative NISSAN product.


Technical Training