Welcome to i-dealership, Innovam’s new 3D virtual training environment. Innovam i-dealership combines many interactive training techniques, which it brings together using a beautifully designed online virtual dealership. Are you planning to launch a new product? Are you interested in helping your sales force discover all the new features and related benefits for themselves using a virtual version of your new car? Is an online library with extensive download options an interesting tool for your organization, giving people access to all the vital information you want to share?

All of these things are possible with Innovam i-dealership. You can even chat live with other visitors and organize online meetings and webinars, create an online knowledge quiz and participate in an e-learning program. We have also integrated a fully equipped workshop to prove to your after-sales organization that training can be both fun and instructive at the same time, without having to visit a real training centre for each course. Access to i-dealership is login-protected and based on a multilingual approach, creating interesting training possibilities for international organizations and companies.


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