Kia Dealer KPI Program

Kia Motors Corporation (KMC), Korea

Early 2011, Innovam is appointed by KMC to develop and execute a Dealer Coaching program to enhance dealership’s productivity and profitability. Based on the evaluation of 13 core KPI’s, coaching is provided in the areas of sales, after sales and parts. Project delivery in every market is handled by a local trainer-coach provided by Innovam, who is supported by local Kia field staff employees. For the 1st year, the target group are 20% of the local Kia dealerships per participating market. Innovam developed the required training materials and support tools centrally and presented them to all local Innovam trainer-coaches using a TTMT event format.


Enhance local Kia dealership’s productivity and profitability by measuring their current business performances and find the weak points. With the use of onsite coaching weak points can be improved and guaranteed.


At project start KMC defined 5 pilot markets for roll out of this program: Australia, Russia, Spain, Saudi Arabia and Chile. Innovam appointed a dedicated team of local trainer-coaches in each of the 5 pilot markets. This team was intensively trained in The Netherlands using a TTMT format. Back in their home markets each trainer-coach conducted a similar training to the local field staff involved in project delivery for their market. Each market provides 6 months of onsite coaching to the selected local dealerships. Performance improvement is measured using a standardized scan and reporting structure. Each Innovam trainer-coach examines and coaches 2 dealerships per market. The other dealerships are coached by the local field staff team.


Program rollout has started in March 2011 and will be continued until March 2012 as some markets faced a slow start-up of the program. All applicable trainer information, tools and reporting documents were combined in a ‘Toolbox’ format. The Toolbox was developed successfully within the appointed time frame and delivered to each local trainer coach during the TTMT program delivery in the month of May 2011. Local training delivery was executed in the month of June and July, followed by the rollout of local dealer coaching as of August 2011. Based on the final result and outcome measured over the full project delivery of 6 months, KMC will decide how other markets can be supported using an equal approach and program rollout, when needed adapted to the learning’s and results coming from this pilot phase.

Kia KPI Program

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